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Our founder, Liza Roeser, launched her career nearly twenty years ago on an Ecuadorian flower farm, following a service tour in the Peace Corps. After completing her work, Liza remained in Ecuador for 12 years, learning all she could about flowers and the wholesale business. It was this time and experience that ultimately opened her eyes to the opportunity of shipping wholesale flowers into the U.S. In 1998, Farm Fresh Exports began shipping fresh flowers directly from farms to qualified volume buyers, such as wholesalers and distributors.


Today, we are the foremost expert in global flower sourcing, sharing new and cutting-edge varieties with the world. Farm Fresh Exports maintains its position as the unparalleled leader in direct-from-farm deliveries. Our offices in Boise, Idaho, and Quito, Ecuador, develop exceptional floral products and provide outstanding customer service while supporting dozens of partner farms across the globe.

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